Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gambling Problem

Casino is one of the best places to hangout for millionaires, politicians, and even for ordinary people. Playing casino games is really entertaining and a stress relief. At first, you are only playing to relax, meet new friends and to socialize. But for some it is a way to forget problems, depression, loneliness, etc. No doubt that playing in casinos is one of the best ways to enjoy our life and to relieve ourselves from problems, but many do not know that casino gambling can also be addictive.

Every year, more and more people are hooked to gamble in casinos because of the big pot money that casinos offer. Of course, if we have problems financially, if we are depressed or lonely, we are vulnerable to temptations and many of us are tempted to this pot money. However, due to our desire to win that money, we are forced psychologically to play more until it was too late for us to realize that we already lose a big amount. An online casino uses the same method to attract players, but they also have other ways to make people deposit a big amount. For new players, they offer a sign up bonus which give bonus credits that will match the amount you have deposited. They also give bonuses if you refer someone and make him/her deposit a certain amount of money and play a number of hands. Every casino has their own way to attract people.

Due to the enjoyment that we get in playing, the bonuses that casinos offer, and the big prizes at stake, some players can’t control themselves playing, and worse some can’t help themselves to leave the casino after reaching the limit of their bankroll. Most of them actually sell their valuables for them to spend more time playing. If not treated early, this may lead to compulsive gambling or addiction.

Ways to Prevent Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling can be an offspring of problems, depression, or influence. Some people become incapable to think right when they have problems, and this will lead them to do what they think will help them ease or forget their unwanted feelings. For a person that is already addicted to gambling, this can be very difficult and is almost impossible to treat on their own as it gives them the enjoyment that they want. They need someone that will help, guide and make them realize how addiction or excessive playing in casinos can ruin his/her life. If you know someone who is addicted to gamble, talk to him and suggest good alternatives for gambling like playing sports.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poker Fashion – Going All In

For the poker player who opts for more of a "sharp dress," there are several pros who set a great example: Daniel Negreanu and Marcel Luske to name a couple. If you fit into the category of “expensive wardrobe tastes,” and you don't have the financial backing to strut your stuff, do like the ladies do. Don't fake it, imitate it. There are great imitations - well, let's call them what they are - knock-off fashions for women and men that can make you look like a million bucks without having to spend thousands. Who can honestly afford multiple Armani or Dolce & Gabbana suits from a retailer? Or for the ladies, any number of designer cocktail dresses? Chances are, you don't have over a grand to spend on a suit or dress, and if you did, you'd much rather add that fat cash to your bankroll.

If you've just got to have them, get busy relying on online outlets as well as auction sites such as eBay for designer duds. Why people fear purchasing the top brands at discounted prices is a mystery. In terms of poker fashion, nothing turns the heads or suggests success more than a well tailored suit or dress. It's in our nature to respect it. If you're in the market for the high priced goods, take a cue from your play at the table and bluff. Who's gonna know?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finding Great Poker Fashions Online

The online realm is saturated with poker playing possibilities, as well as great shopping for poker fashion. You cannot tune into a poker event these days without seeing a very humorous shirt, cool hat, killer shades or even a set of distinguished cufflinks. In fact, the casual observer will flip on a tournament to simply score some free fashion guidance from some of the industry's top pros. Without a doubt, there are those with signature styles, and those who look like they subscribe to People Magazine's Worst Dressed List. Therein lies the beauty of poker fashion – nobody really cares, so long as it's comfortable and they're winning. These are the two stipulations of dressing for the poker table.

Scoring Some Stellar Poker Threads – Poker Fashion

Before spending thousands on a tournament wardrobe, you may first want to consider your own style, and create a nice, live poker image that works well for you. There are some great clothing and accessories that can be found at sites like poker-dude.com, DirtCheapPoker and Holdem Shirts and Gear. These online specialty shops are geared toward poker players, and the shoppers who love them. Each one offers a great selection of poker clothing as well as supplies and accessories for all aspects of the game.

There are other sites, PokerESQ for example, that offer great shirts for men and women, in many styles with many designs. From humorous shirts to designs that boast favorite junk hands, they offer thousands of shirts to choose from, as well as hats and other poker accessories.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Online Poker Education

The amount of online poker rooms seems to be constantly growing. There are many poker sites for US players to choose from. With poker only being legal in a few states for at casino play; online poker has become a popular option. The need to travel out of state to get your betting urge satisfied is no more.

Playing online poker is a little different from playing at a casino. You cannot actually see the other players. You cannot try to read their physical cues. This means there is far more bluffing and probing action in an online room. Play is slower at a casino, because people fold most of their hands. Online people still fold bad hands but the margin for what is good and bad is different. A player who is playing to win will fold 80% of their hands. With the lack of physical cues, players bet to see the cards more often. Game play is quick and without the skills a new player can quickly be left behind with an empty account.

Many sites offer a few free hands before having to pay. Always play the free hands and get to know the site. Look for blogs that offer poker room reviews. A player can gain knowledge about the different sites if they take the time to do this.

Once a player has settled on a site, they need to load their account. Most sites have daily deposit limits. Accounts can be loaded thru wire transfers, with a credit card, and some sites allow money orders to be mailed in. Once an account is loaded the player can choose from a variety of rooms. The best way to play winning poker is to pick a room that is comfortable for the player. Some rooms move faster than others, while others are a bit more laid back. A player can judge a room by spending time in the lobby and looking around. New players should utilize free rooms, practice, take it slow, and get ready to start playing winning poker.